Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A shocking revelation of how you can buy a Laptop with your tiny pocket money here in Nigeria

A shocking revelation of how you can buy a Laptop with your tiny pocket money here in Nigeria

If you pay for this Guide... I will show you for FREE how to get a Laptop for N4,000 only - GUARANTEED!

who said you need so much to buy a Laptop?...

That Person Must be a BIG Liar!

Be you rich or poor I don't care, I will still show you this secret


A shocking revelation of how you can buy a Laptop with your tiny pocket money here in Nigeria

SPECIAL BONUS: How to buy your own Laptop for N4,000 in Nigeria - GUARANTEED.

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Discover in a Speed of Light; a top guided secret the BIG Merchants wishes you never find. They have kept this top secret to themselves for so long but I had an opportunity to break into their little party, capture and ran away with the code.

And guess what? I am ready to reveal this secret to as many Nigerians that are willing to get it - rich or poor. To achieve my objective I have package this top secret in an e-book I called "CHEAP LAPTOP GUIDE". All you need to do is to place an order for your copy right away before the offer expires. Listen, with what am about to revel to you, you are bound to make MEGA cash buying and selling Laptop Computers this 2010.

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My brother, the system arrived yesterday night and i am very grateful for your effort. thank you.

Usman Liman,

Barnawa, Kaduna State.

Good day Peter, I appreciate you for helping me to get my own (Brand New) Laptop for #15000.

Okon Akpan

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Sir I want to thank you and appreciate your contribution for ending unemployment and poverty through your approach in dishing out this great information. I lack the right words to describe how joyful I am because of this and how could it have been without your manual? may God reward and bless you...

Adewale Oladosun
Ibadan, Nigeria

I believe you know that is a fellow Nigerian like you?

Stop the doubt and fear and act now; get my manual on Laptop repair and get the information as a bonus. The information is real and genuine.

Note: The price for this Guide can shoot up any moment from now, hurry and secure your copy today.

what you will find in this guide includes:

1. Where to buy a new HP Laptop for a tiny 25k without referral or MLM - Guaranteed.

2. How to make over N200, 000 monthly in teaching other people this simple secret.

3. Life supports from me until you succeeds in it.

4. laptop without deposit: i will show you a firm that will give you a brand new laptop of your choice without any financial deposit (on credit)..

5. Get a new IBM ThinkPad (Laptops) for as low as 30k cash and carry - no protocols..

6. where to invest 12k and make over N300,000 in few months - without buying or selling, not MLM, no referral hassles.

7. opportunity to run a joint venture with me and be my partner for as long as you want.

8. contacts and phone numbers of BIG importers of Laptop Computer here in Nigeria - this is an open door for you to join the BIG leagues.

9. Opportunity for importation of laptops at a much reduced rate (step by step info.)

10. How to get your own Credit Card for importation purpose

11. how to detect and solve common laptop problems. etc.

THE SPECIAL BONUS: Where to get Laptops for N4,000 or less and sell it for N30,000 or more, Make up to N300,000 Monthly doing It (Guaranteed). This is not MLM or a referral program.

NOTE: This is not a joke, this is for real. The N4,000 Laptop is right here in Nigeria.

Even if you are in Sokoto, Abuja, Oshogbo, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Owere, Benin, Warri, Aba, Calabar, Uyo, Yanagoa, etc. You can get your own without stress. The procedure is dead simple!

This is not MLM or a referral program. Just walk to the contact we will give to you and pay for the Laptop. You can make payment to their account and they will send it to you anywhere in NIGERIA.

Another Special Bonus:

Laptop Repair Guide: My complete Guide that shows a step by step pictorial way of repairing Laptops. In this Easy Repair Guide I will unveil to you how easy it is to be a professional Laptop engineer.

I will show you how to Dis-assemble and re-assemble a Laptop, how to get a bad Laptop working again, repair/trouble shooting techniques etc.

With my Pictorial Guide, Laptop repair can be dead easy! All of this i will give to you for Free if you pay for my CHEAP LAPTOP GUIDE


Pay the sum 3,000 into any branch of UBA

Acct Name: Peter Essien

Acct No: 00210-52010-2683

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You are covered by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. I Guarantee that my Cheap Laptop Guide will add value to your life - help you to get a very Cheap Laptop (even for N4,000) if you follow my step by step instruction.